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January 20, 2017
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January 20, 2017
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حالات الباكلوفين مع صور العلب

Baclofen 10 mg


BACLOFEN 25 mg tab.

The 1st. prescribed skeletal muscle relaxant allover the world

Mono-component Dually Acting Skeletal Muscle Relaxant with Analgesic effect acting centrally & Peripherally to relive different acute spasms as LBP; Spondylitis & Sciatica in addition to Chronic conditions as Spasticity.

High safety profile for GIT and Hepatic patients.


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BACLOFEN 10 mg tab.

The 1st. prescribed skeletal muscle relaxant allover the world

For reliving painful muscle spasm & Spasticity due to neurological disorders through

1- Skeletal muscle relaxant effect:

Central skeletal muscle relaxant acting by activation of GABA-b receptors result in:-

  1. Decrease in alpha motor neuron activity.
  2. Inhibition of Gamma motor neuron activity.
  3. Decrease muscle spindle sensitivity.

2- Analgesic (Anti nociceptive) effect:

Baclofen is GABA-b agonist with potential spinal analgesic action.
The mechanism of its analgesic action coming through its effect on synapses formed between excitatory spinal pathways interfering with transmitters’ release.

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